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How Does Customtee Work?

CustomTee is a service that lets you sell custom T-Shirts, Hoodies etc, with no upfront costs. We handle the printing and shipping, while our sellers handle designs and marketing.


What happens if a campaign doesn't reach its goal?

If the target is not reached the shirt will not be printed and the buyer will not be charged. Only if the target is reached, only then will the payment be authorised.


What type of shirts do you use?

We have a few suppliers for our shirts, they vary in size and gsm (grams per metre square) the higher the grams the thicker the shirt is. Eg 135gsm will be thinner and lighter than the 145gsm and so on. Some shirts don’t come in low gsm and some do.


What type of print is it?

We use a process called screen printing the most common type of garment printing. We also do Embroidery and Heat press by request.

What if I just want to design and buy a T-Shirt and not sell?

That’s not a problem at all. All you need to do is contact us for a customized quote. For orders going to one place and are large quantities the cost may come down.

Do you keep my credit/debit card details?

No, we use a secure payment gateway system through mygate.co.za. we do not need to see your payment details to process payment.


For shipping please see Delivery Policy




Does is cost anything to launch a campaign?

NO, launching a campaign is 100% free. If you don’t sell anything you don’t lose anything. There is no upfront payment.


What file format to upload?

We prefer vectors, but any file with decent resolution will be fine. If we cannot us that artwork for whatever reason you will be notified so we can make a plan to get the artwork right.

How do I get paid?

Once your campaign has ended, you will need to request a pay-out. We will then process payment within 5 – 7 Working days. This will be paid into your account that you added under your dashboard.


How is my profit calculated?

When you have designed your shirt, an amount is shown, that amount is the cost to have the shirt printed. You then choose what you would like to sell your shirt for and the difference is your profit.


Can I edit a campaign?

It is possible to edit a campaign before anyone has bought the product, once an item has been bought you cannot edit the campaign. If you decide to edit your campaign description, we are able to do that for you. Contact us and we will do that for you.